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Our Move Management Consultant will plan and coordinate moves to just about everywhere in the world.

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You can now move small shipments faster with NGE. NGEBOX as we like to call it, is an International Door to Door Express Service for anyone who needs to send 1 Box or more to just about anywhere in the world.

NGEBOX goes one step further as we can offer partners and customers full packing and protection services supplied by our in -house Household Goods Moving division

Moving In and out to China

Whether you are an immigrant, a study abroad or a foreigner, NGE. can ship your furniture,, large/overweight luggage, personal belongings to the world by sea, or ship it back to China. Relying on our China partner nationwide service network and a network of partners all over the world, we can provide you with professional, efficient and cost-effective private goods LCL/Whole Cabinet, double customs clearance sea door to door one-stop service, and try to be legal, Avoiding and saving taxes and fees for customers under reasonable circumstances.

In the case of furniture transport, we offer three main transport options for different international transport needs:

1. Complete door-to-door transportation; our team will make detailed packing for different types of items according to the time of reservation, pick up items after delivery to the warehouse, warehousing, export packaging reinforcement, domestic port loading, whole cabinet or LCL Maritime transport, Customs clearance in the destination country, port unloading, home delivery and delivery to the house, removal of large packages and packing to clean all packaged debris.

2. If you are in a foreign country, you can purchase new furniture, as well as the doors, windows, floors, bricks and other building materials needed for self-built houses. You can ask the manufacturers to directly transport the newly purchased furniture to the nearest partner warehouse. Provide collection and receipt of goods, inspection of goods, re-enhancement of export packaging, photographs to confirm the details of the goods and follow-up customs, port, shipping, destination port customs clearance and on-site service.

International Express / International Baggage, Parcel Air Transport

Our China partner has a variety of international air transport channels, including DHL, EMS, Fedex, Ups and other well-known international express delivery agents, the price is only 30% -50% of the official price. Our partner consultant team provides a full range of international express/package air transportation services consulting services with extensive professional knowledge and experience.