About the Company

Navigation Global Express Pte Ltd

Started & incorporated in 2006 and with the vision to simplify the logistics process of companies through professional, timely and responsive services, NGE has served SMEs and MNCs ranging from manufacturers to international Movers logistics.

In 2015, we have moved and owned our office cum warehouse at Sunview@Ecotech to mark our success and milestone in the logistics industry. Then in 2016, we have added several fleet of 10ft truck for horizontal expansion and showed our commitment to our loyalty customers. NGE believes that quality of service can never be overstated. In this current competitive business landscape and well-connected world, a superior logistics management process can be the key to profitability and success.

NGE encourages clients to focus on their core business, where revenue and growth is generated from, by providing a effective and efficient third party logistics function. As specialists in the logistics industry, not only will we work hard to save cost for our clients due to wastage and redundancy, we ensure that all logistic processes are well planned and executed.

After year of accumulated experience in supporting International movers logistics, in 2017, we have set up another division- NGE International Moving Services to cover expanding China and India markets. We have comprehensive coverage for both markets that able to cover door to door services.